The ATHENEUM of 3Cairns

The mission of 3Cairns is to merge medicine, technology, and advocacy to advance the socioeconomic status of the d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing. We achieve this on three fronts: with an academic laboratory for medical research, a start-up tech company for entrepreneurship, and ongoing advocacy.  

Focusing only on restoring hearing and improving signed and/or oral language outcomes is inadequate to improve socioeconomic outcomes of d/Deaf people. Success in our population requires teaching essential skills including, but not limited to: self-advocacy, educating others about hearing loss, and how to seamlessly navigate infrastructures.

3Cairns’s co-founders both have congenital hearing loss and a multi-faceted background of innovation, advocacy, and treating patients with hearing loss--a unique toolset with which to fulfill this mission.

Meeting those with hearing loss who are uniquely successful despite all odds springs our curiosity. This drives our desire to pilot progress in the academic, commercial, and philanthropic spheres. This is the atheneum of 3Cairns.

3Cairns Advocacy

Advancing d/Deaf advocacy on all levels, to empower both the individual and a nation.

RuffLab Academic

Utilizing our unparalleled firsthand experience for innovative medical research. 


Creating technology to improve communication with others.