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Your donations to the academic lab will be used for academic research purposes only. It costs $180 to test a new speech processing strategy on a patient. Developing new hearing tests to examine the effects of hearing on cognition requires approximately $1,000. 

Donations may be directed to the academic arm of RuffLab via donating to the Indiana University Foundation, a 503(c) tax-deductible corporation:

  1. On the first menu bar, select "IU Foundation."
  2. Underneath "IU Foundation," leave the next menu bar blank (i.e. "make a selection). Enter "Otologic" in the "Search All Funds" box.
  3. Select "Otolaryngology Otologic Fund" that pops up.
  4. In the "Write in Gift" box, enter "Chad Ruffin, MD" 

If you have any questions, please contact us.